We started Mountain Active for people like us, living lives like ours. Lives like ours are active, full and forward thinking. We work where we play, we play where we live, and we live for our work. We quit our jobs to become our own bosses. We take short courses. We move abroad and bring the best parts back. We build things. Products, businesses, lifestyles, relationships and ideas. We’re passionate. We think big and are inspired every day.

Our creativity is maximised when we live in the moment, not talk about it. We are day dreamers and night thinkers. We take risks and sometimes never sleep. We work from cafés not cubicles and think neckties, stilettos and briefcases are for fancy-dress parties. We always look good, but not at the expense of feeling good. We say yes as much as possible. We live near the ocean and swim in the sea. We believe salt water fixes everything. We are powered by sunshine and the fresh air keeps us keeping on. We climb mountains everyday. Professional, physical and emotional ones. Sometimes we summit them, sometimes we don’t. But we always climb on. We believe mountains were made to be moved. And move them we will.


Our first range of products are watches. We’ve created them with quality materials and thoughtful functionality that complements our active lives.

When we embarked on launching this company, our mountain, we realised that time is a treasure for people like us. So we designed watches that could journey with you and support you during every second of your own adventure, no matter what mountain you’ve decided to climb.


We’ve always believed that stylish, well-made products need not break the bank. Which is why we chose a vertical business model that allows us to offer lifestyle products built using quality components, at the best possible price, direct to you. And without being weighed down by warehouses full of stock or minds that are closed to new ideas, we can remain responsive to you – from your basic customer support needs, right through to your suggestions for or next product range.