Immersive Fitness studio is like a spin class through Tron

Les Mills Immersive Studio concept is changing the way we engage with fitness. Immersive Fitness is designed to help people fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out and is an interesting approach to utilising tech in the industry.


The Trip offers an immersive full screen projection to transport you to another world during your spin class. The purpose-built studio and live instructors combine to delivery a sensory experience that pushes your fitness into a new dimension.


Often described as a "spin class through TRON" The Trip pairs throbbing upbeat dance music to a visual journey with "riders" following the instructor up hills and through landscapes peppered with psychedelics and  TRON like mountains. 

The aim is to achieve total immersion and offer distraction and a new interest for those "suffering" through the gruelling spin class. Hopefully this will offer a reason to return, inspired and ready to take on new futuristic fitness adventures.


We can't wait for one to pop up in Australia soon.