Building The Rayseeker

We designed this watch as we love how technology and natural energy sources can work hand in hand. 


The Rayseeker is solar powered, waterproof and housed in a sleek stainless steel case. Perfect for those sunny coastal runs with a bit of salt in the air. 



Water Resistance

Water Resistant to 10ATM, so you can wear it from the shower to the surf, go snorkelling, and you never really have to take it off. That includes the strap, a quick drying nylon.  


The movement

Rayseeker features a solar powered EPSON quartz movement. Why? Because they are excellent time keepers, incredibly reliable and we love solar technology. Living is Sydney you are always aware of the power of the sun, and our movement features a secondary battery which is charged by the solar panel. It needs just 2.5 minutes of light to deliver a 1 hour charge and can run for 2 months without a charge.


The case

You can't go past 316L stainless steel for a watch case. It's the global industry standard for tough. The stainless steel can withstand a good few knocks, handle salt water, and can case easily deliver 10ATM WR. We wanted a case size of 40mm for a more timeless look and also allow it to appeal to active men and women.


The dial & face

Look through the hardened mineral face at crisp and easy to read indicies and hands. A deep angled outer ring that could soak up the rays and reflects the colours inspired by Sydney.



We knew we wanted good luminosity to see the time at night, we achieved "triangulated" shaped hands. 


The straps

G10 NATOs are fun, functional and are a quickly interchangeable way to show off your watch.

Rayseekers come standard with a 20mm G10 NATO strap with black stainless steel hardware and are made of soft quick drying nylon. At 280mm long they tie off neatly. 




With our specification in mind we created our first designs


We experimented with a range of colourways by taking inspiration from Sydney harbour coastal beauty.


Sydney White

We loved the crisp clean whites of the yachts and cruisers in Sydney harbour, the white lighthouses, the whitewash at Bondi and the white tiles at the Watsons Bay Hotel on a Sunday afternoon.


Active Orange

We are always inspired by Sydney's stunning sunrises and sunsets. On certain days the setting sun produces the most vibrant of oranges and resulted in the "Active Orange" colorway.


Aqua Blue

The colour of Sydney harbour features a rich pallet of amazing, blues and aquas. This colorway we found inspiration from the light hitting the Aqua ocean in Sydney's amazing harbour swimming pools. 


Sea Green

Sea green is inspired by the native seaweed hugging our foreshores.



Prototypes and Testing

When the first prototype samples arrived, we immediately began doing our own testing. How would the Rayseeker handle the salt at Bondi after a surf ? How did the strap perform after a 5k run. Did it dry fast enough? Was the watch light enough? The answer was yes. 



The Final Product

From the first seed of an idea to hand drawn sketches to fully branded prototypes and testing and then into production. We are now ready to bring to market our first limited batch of Rayseekers. We hope you can see and feel a bit of Sydney inspired design in every watch.