5 Best Drone Instagram accounts to follow

New tech doesn't get much cooler than drones. These flying machines give us a beautiful new perspective on planet earth.

These five Instagram drone photographers each bring their unique visual sensibility to the drone photography artform.


1. @spathumpa

Costa Spathis is an Architect and Photography from Greece. His feed is a knockout collection of wonderfully constructed visual thrills. We love that his feed features some urban delights too.

2. @gabscanu

Travel and drone photographer Gab Scanu's feed is a mindblowing mix of colour and vibrancy. We really loved this shot of our backyard, Sydney's Maroubra rock pool as seen from above.

maroubra pool

3. @out_droning

This Sydney based drone master has built up a 17000 strong following, and no wonder with his feed bursting with breathtaking aerial compositions of the best of outdoors.


4. @simeonpratt

Cinematographer Simeon Pratt clearly has an incredible eye. The subtlety of light captured through his lens give his images a sense of contrast, stillness and beauty.


 5. @airpixels

Tobias Hägg: "Airborne Creativity & Photography" it says in his bio and he's not wrong. Tobias clearly has creativity flowing through his blood. His feed is loaded with inspiring textural footage that will make you want to explore.

cool drone pic